A silent horror film and live performance. Maddy Blitz is a young woman with horrendous-looking teeth. Maddy’s nightmares of not fitting in clump together to form a giant RED BLOB that confronts her tormenters, eventually growing so big that it……..

Written & Directed by:
Emilia Javanica
Assistant Directors:
Ian MacInnes & Jan Trumbauer
Director of Photography:
Jessica Renée Lee
Assistant Director of Photography:
Alan Torres
Lighting Design:
Matt Infante
Puppet Design & Art Direction:
Emilia Javanica
Sound Design:
Simon Alexander-Adams
First Assistant Camera:
Walter Lin
Joe Reed & Brett Firlik
Location Sound:
Mike Chen, Rolando Palacio, Živan Rosić, Wes Swartz & Eric Lundgard
Green Screen Videographer:
Jacques Mersereau
Green Screen Lighting Design:
Jeff Alder
Fly Crew:
Christopher Barbeau & Diane Miller
Editing & Stop Motion Animation:
Emilia Javanica
Actors: Emilia Javanica, Skyler Kragt, Jan Trumbauer, Taylor Henkin, Jeffrey Kaplan, Jeannine Thompson, John Kannenberg, Ali Amine & THE RED BLOB.

Live Performance:
Trevor Stone, Natalie Berry, Chris Sandon, Jan Trumbauer, Emilia Javanica, Skyler Kragt, John Kannenberg, Juliet Hinley and more!
Chuck Sipperly

For more information, or to bring RED BLOB MASSACRE to a venue near you, please contact: redblobmassacre@gmail.com


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